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superfit.trail (Singapore)
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Running is a fundamental movement integral to many workouts and races. Humans were born to run, but over time, the comforts of modern technology have pampered us into a more sedentary lifestyle. We shouldn’t have strayed from our primitive instincts - running to hunt, running to flee. Fret not! Over at superfit.trail, we will go back to basics and teach you the fundamentals of running – pacing, posture and breathing – in the most natural of environments. This workshop will incorporate refreshing routes and terrains for a dynamic experience. Running is a workout that you can do anytime, anywhere, and is the main staple of all races. So, why don’t get it right while enjoying the process? Join us and let us show you how.

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About the provider is a community of passionate people who want to Live Better, Stronger Together. We enjoy the Wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit. We endeavour to be a Worldwide Movement. It is a holistic approach for any individual to enjoy their wellness through balancing their mind, body and spirit. We unleash the unlimitedness and potential in all aspects of your well being. We respect the diversity in the group. Discover yourself with our passionate athletes together, as we work towards "LIVE BETTER, STRONGER TOGETHER".

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