How do I sign up?
ARFIT Club uses Facebook and Google+ open ID for all your logins.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
You can reset your password through either your Google or Facebook account.
Do you allow guest checkout?
Yes. You can choose not to create an account at ARFIT CLUB when making a purchase. However, you are highly recommended to do so as all your details will be saved in your account. Any future purchases that you make will become much faster and simpler.
What is an invoice ID?
An invoice ID is a number generated for your reference after every successful checkout. A particular invoice ID may include multiple services that you have bought from multiple hosts in a single checkout.
What is an order ID?
For every successful checkout with an invoice ID, all the listings that belong to a particular hosts will be consolidated to a single order ID. Therefore, if you bought multiple services from a few hosts in a single checkout, you should receive a few order IDs.
Will I be charged any fees for making a purchase?
You, the guests, will not be charged any admin fees by ARFIT Club. 
How do I check my order statuses?
Simply hover the cursor over your profile to activate the drop down bar and click on “Purchases”. This opens up your Purchase History page where you can access details of orders that you have placed, including invoice ID, timestamp, item, qty, delivery method and order status.
How do I make a credit/debit card payment?
Click the shopping cart on the top menu bar. After selecting the services that you want to checkout, fill in your details which include your name, notification email and contact number. If you are using an account, these details should already be prepopulated for you. Next, review the order details once last time before clicking “Proceed to payment”. Check the payment details and click “Pay now”. A pop up box would appear so that you can fill in your credit card details. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected back to ARFIT CLUB’s site.
Are the credit/debit card payments safe?
ARFIT CLUB does not store nor handle any credit card details on our site. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!
How do I know that my online payment is secure?
ARFIT Club uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that all connections on ARFIT Club’s server remain encrypted. This explains why the website address begins with “https” instead of “http”. Our website and app is secured using a RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. This ensures all information you send using our app will be encrypted. Please click the “padlock” icon on the web browser for more details on the security certificate. ARFITCLUB also do not store any credit card details and payments are processed through Stripe. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!
How do I sign up as a host?
Simply click on the “BECOME A HOST” tab on the top menu bar.
1. Sign up by using either your Facebook or Google+ account
2. Fill up your profile details
3. Link with your Stripe account (this is the account that you will receive your payments with)
4. Click save

Congratulations, you are now a seller on ARFITCLUB and can start post your first listing.
How do I become host on ARFIT Club?
Simply click on “BECOME A HOST” on the top menu and sign up from there! Once you have filled in all the mandatory fields, you will be able to start listing your services immediately!
1. Upload the services that you want to sell. Set your price, category 
2. Be informed immediately when someone has purchased your services
3. Payment made by the guest, minus the transaction clip to ARFIT Club, will be transferred to you immediately
4. Fulfill your order and update your guests on the latest status using our order management system
5. Get useful business insights such as your sales history, best-selling service and other analytics to optimize your business
How do I list an services?
You can list an item by clicking on “BECOME A HOST” on the top menu bar and signing up as a ARFITCLUB host. Once you have successfully on-boarded as a host, click on “upload” under the “host” drop down box.
Provide us with all the relevant details such as the item category & sub-category, name, price, description, quantity, image and others options.
Once you are happy with your listing, click on “SAVE” and your listing will be published.
So what are you waiting for? Start listing your first item on ARFITCLUB now!
Can I denote my servicess in another currency?
No, unfortunately not. The current default currency on ARFIT Club is SGD, and we do not accept any other currencies at this point in time. Do set up your Stripe account in Singapore and configure the currency in Stripe as SGD. If not, you might incur additional charges arising from foreign exchange differences between SGD and the currency in your Stripe account.
Why can’t I log in to my host dashboard?
If you can’t log in to your host dashboard, it might be because you have been banned by ARFITCLUB. You can raise a case by contacting ARFITCLUB directly.
How do I edit my listing information?
1. On your host menu, click on the “Your services” tab to access all your services.
2. Choose the listing you want to edit, and click on the sign.
3. You will be redirected to your specific listing’s details page.
4. From there, you may edit any details you would like.
5. Once you are happy with the new details, click on “Save” and your edits will be reflected.
What is the purchasable button for?
If you receive any complaints from customers regarding a particular item or it is still not ready for sale at a point in time, you can temporarily remove it from the marketplace using the purchasable function. Once you switched the purchasable button to “NO”, your item will no longer be visible and searchable on your marketplace. In addition, buyers will not be able to check out the non-purchasable item.
Why can’t I find the right category for my services?
You are only able to add an services under a particular category or sub-category if it has been created by us. If you can’t find the right category for your services, don’t worry! Simply drop ARFIT Club an email, we will review your request and add in the category for you.
How do I keep track of my sales?
Click the “Sales” tab on the seller menu to access your sales page. Here, you are able to view the total quantity and revenue earned for each item that you have sold.
What do the different order statuses mean?
For pick up, the order statuses are:
1. Paid – after the buyer has successfully made a payment, an invoice ID and order ID would automatically be created and each item order status would be tagged as paid.
2. Ready for pick-up – after you have picked and packed, you can change the item’s order status to “Ready for pick-up”. The buyer will receive an email notification to remind him to pick-up his item at his selected pick-up location.
3. Completed – once the buyer has picked-up his item, you can set the item’s order status to “Completed”.
4. Refunded – you can set the item’s order status to “Refunded” when you have made a refund to the buyer.

For delivery, the order statuses are:
1. Paid – after the buyer has successfully make a payment, an invoice ID and order ID would be automatically created, and each item order status would be tagged as paid.
2. Delivered – after you have shipped/couriered/delivered the item, you can set the item’s order status to “Delivered”. The buyer will then receive an email notification that his item is on its way.
3. Refunded– you can set the item order status to “Refunded” when you have made a refund to the buyer.
Are there any subscription fees or listing fees on ARFIT Club?
There are no listing fees or subscription fees charged, so you can list as many listing as your like. However, you will be charged a transaction fee for each transaction made. Drop ARFIT Club an email to ask about the transaction fee.
How do I receive my Payout/Payment?
Stripe will automatically credit any Payout/Payment directly to your Stripe account after every successful transaction.Stripe will transfer funds to your bank account based on the schedule listed in your dashboard. For example, “Daily — 7 day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed on 1st March would be grouped together and deposited in your account on 8th March, and “Weekly (Monday) — 2 business day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed before a given Thursday will be grouped together and deposited in your account on the following Monday.Your transfer schedule can be configured to simplify your accounting. We currently offer the option for funds to be transferred daily, weekly (on a custom day of the week), or monthly (on a custom day of the month).You can see all attempted transfers made by Stripe to your bank account on your dashboard.
Stripe states that a transfer has been submitted, but I have not received the money in my bank account yet. What is going on?
Stripe submits transfers every day, but most banks will only process the transfer on business days. This means that if Stripe sent you money on a holiday or a weekend, you will probably only receive the money in your bank account on the next day that your bank is open. For transfers sent on business days, you should receive the money by the next day.If the transfer was submitted on a business day and you don’t receive the money in your bank account within a couple of days, this probably means that the transfer has failed. Banks take 3-5 business days to inform Stripe about transfers that failed to go through, at which time Stripe will e-mail you about the issue and how to fix it.
What services are prohibited on ARFIT Club?
This policy is part of our Terms of Use (insert link). By posting listing on ARFITCLUB, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.
ARFIT Club requires all hosts and guests to abide by the laws of the jurisdictions in which you are operating and selling. 
Therefore, even if an item is illegal in one country but legal in another, it would still be strictly prohibited in ARFIT Club. ARFIT Club does not allow any listing that through images or descriptions facilitate or promote illegal acts when applied under a specific context.
ARFIT Club expects all users to only list services that are legal. All services must not present legal risks to our community, be inconsistent with ARFIT Club values or harmful to our members.
Why is my listing deleted/banned?
If any listing does not adhere to the listing policies in our terms of use, ARFITCLUB reserves the right to delete/ban it to maintain a comfortable environment for all users.
How it works?

A community built on sharing


ARFIT Club began in 2017 when founder, Angelina Francesca created a platform to help local entrepreneurs to grow and at the same time bringing the world closer by connecting the travellers to these fitness and wellness listings. Now, millions of hosts and travellers choose to create a free ARFIT Club account so they can list their studios and book unique accommodation anywhere in the world. 

Trusted services 

ARFIT Club helps make sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. We verify company profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Whether you’re travelling or listing your services, we’re here for you before, during, and after your experience. We've answered the most common questions about ARFIT Club in our FAQ’s, and for everything else you can contact us by visiting or email to

ARFIT Club is built on trust

We require verified information from hosts, including phone numbers and business registration number. After a trip, everyone gets a chance to write a review. Reviews keep guests accountable for treating hosts and their services with respect.

So much more than money

Besides the extra income, hosts join a supportive worldwide community. There are always opportunities to learn from ARFIT Club and other hosts.


How are we doing?  

We want to hear what you love and what you think we can do better. We won’t be able to respond to every piece of feedback individually.

If you have a question or need help resolving an issue, search our contact form:

What would you like to do? 

Give product feedback or Report a bug

What’s in a listing?

You’ll fill out a description, take and upload photos, and pick a price. Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like.

Who can book

You set the schedule availability and studio rules for your listing. Manage controls and settings can help make your posting easier.

We’re here to help

From getting your studio or hostel ready and choosing a price, to understanding your responsibilities under Term of Services of ARFIT Club.

Guests find your listing and book

You’ll get a booking message from your guest.

Message your guests

Messaging online helps you get to know guests and answer any questions.

Plan for check-in

Some hosts will like gusts show the name and booking date and some are just show out the previous messaging online. You choose what works for you.

Welcome your guests

Some hostel hosts offer breakfast, others hosts are more hands-off. How you host is up to you.

Start with the basics

Most hosts show all the spaces a guest can use, and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, and toilet paper.

What to charge

What you charge must lower than your studio or hostel price rate of 20-25%.

ARFIT Club is built on trust

We require verified information from hosts, including phone numbers and business registration number. After a trip, everyone gets a chance to write a review. Reviews keep guests accountable for treating hosts and their services with respect.

So much more than money

Besides the extra income, hosts join a supportive worldwide community. There are always opportunities to learn from ARFIT Club and other hosts.

How to travel?

Search ARFIT Club hosts share their services and space in 180+ countries and more than 35,000 cities. All you have to do is enter your destination and services into the search bar to discover distinctive places to get fit and stay anywhere in the world. Book There are a few ways to book services on ARFIT Club. Some hosts want to get to know a guest before they confirm a reservation…

Why do I need to have an ARFIT Club profile or profile photo?

Your profile is a great way for others to learn more about you before they book your space/ services or host you. When your profile is robust, it helps others feel that you're reliable, authentic, and committed to the spirit of ARFIT Club. Whether you're a host or a guest, the more complete your profile is, the more reservations you're likely to book too.

We require all hosts to have a profile photo, and we require all guests to upload a profile photo before making their first reservation.

A great profile includes:

At least one profile photo

Can ARFIT Club deactivate my account?

ARFIT Club may limit, suspend, or deactivate your account, as outlined in our TERMS OF SERVICES. 

Your account may be temporarily deactivated due to your response rate or acceptance rate. To reactivate your account in this case, please email to our customer services at

Your account may be deactivated during a review of ARFIT Club accounts. Reviews are part of an effort to foster a trustworthy community and uphold the Terms of Service.

The following may occur with or without notifying you directly:

- Your account can be deactivated or suspended

- You may not be able to access the platform, your account or content, or receive assistance from ARFIT Club Customer Experience.

- Deciding to host 

Who can host on ARFIT Club?

ONLY for Personal Trainer, Fitness Club, Wellness Studio, Hostel/ Hotel and Cafe can be a host! It's free to sign up. The listings available on the site are as diverse as the hosts who list them, so you can post Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, CrossFit, or Boxing. Find out more about services to see how to describe your services or space. You can list your services and space in almost any location worldwide. While we would like to keep the ARFIT Club marketplace open to the entire world, we are required to comply with international regulations that restrict the use of our site by governance of certain countries.

What methods of payment does ARFIT Club hosts accept?

Payment options may include:- Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB)- Paypal- CashMany debit cards that can be processed as credit.